Megalodon- Shark Week Mix

Today we have a fitting mix from Never Say Die’s Megalodon to inaugurate the 28 year streak of cable tv’s longest running event- Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

This Megalodon mix finds Shark Week in hot water this year, after Discover Channel’s less than factual, and in some cases, sensational journalism designed to boost televsion ratings, especially 2012’s Megalodon: the Monster Shark Lives, a mockumentary which speculated on the survival of the massive prehistoric Megalodon in modern waters.

Whether or not television audiences can appreciate the abject humor behind the notion of an Pilocene dinosaur shark alive, well, and roaming the worlds’ oceans, after a single playthrough of Megalodon’s “Shark Week Mix” we must concede there is one still alive and well in Los Angeles, mixing raw dubstep. Dive into a vicious blend featuring tracks from Meglodon’s established dubstep/deathstep contemporaries, (Skism, Dodge and Fuski, MUST DIE!) as well as unidentified ID’s and his collaborations, including the most recent crossover with Zeds Dead, “Wit Me Dub.”

Get set for sensational journalism and even more sensational dubstep as we head into this most hallowed of television traditions. Free download on the mix.

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