Emancipator- Seven Seas (Album/Tour Announcement)

The summer months have signaled a tidal wave of activity from Emancipator (Doug Appling) and his Loci Records camp, culminating today with an official announcement for his forthcoming album, “Seven Seas” and accompanying tour dates.

Aside from the recent “summer wave” of Emanicpator releases: June’s Live in Athens recordings, and July’s Dusk to Dawn Remixes, Seven Seas is the first full length album released since 2013’s Dusk to Dawn.

However, in this interim between major releases, Emancipator has kept a prolific touring schedule with his ensemble whom I had the good fortune to meet on their inaugural tour a few years ago in the aftermath of Dusk to Dawn, for an interview focused on transposing the Emancipator catalogue for a four-piece band.

Needless to say, “Seven Seas” is a highly anticipated release for downtempo enthusiasts and trip-hop holdovers still standing in the modern EDM scene. Today’s album announcement features a taste of whats coming on the title track, featuring Madelyn Grant, who we’re familiar with from Odesza’s “Sun Models.”

I’m not so crazy about Grant’s vocal, which lacks the requisite subtly for any part in the meticulous, well balanced mix that’s long characterized Emancipator’s production. Simple, chopped or effected vocals selection had formerly amplified Appling’s most iconic tracks (“First Snow, “When I Go, “Minor Cause”), here Grant’s more profuse contribution too much in comparison.

Still, we’ll have the full length record on September 25th, so its hardly worth complaining about any single track at the moment. Tour kicks off immediately after release, with a run of shows featuring the brilliant cuts of Wax Tailor, a legend in new school trip-hop, and Yppah. The last leg of their tour will include Loci Records Blockhead, as well as Manatee Commune.

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