NOISIA Announces NOISIA Radio

Pioneers and Proprietors of neuro and new age drum and bass continue in their recent wave of overwhelming activity, posting a first episode and announcing the beginnings of a weekly broadcast: NOISIA Radio.

Nik Roos, Martijn Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger, [NOISIA] have billed NOISIA Radio as “a platform where we can play a wider range of music than we would in a club environment.” We’re intrigued as to what this “wider range” will entail, considering their already extensive range of label, (Vision, Division, Invisible) promotional (NOISIA Presents) and media outreach.

After almost a decade of widespread influence in the sphere of electronic music and beyond, through video game (Devil May Cry 5, Counter Strike Global Offensive) and filmic incorporation (Transformers 3) of their tracks, you’d think NOISIA is making an effort to extend themselves beyond their own “visceral” sound, into… well, this first episode features some newer tracks from NOISIA and others around the drum and bass community, throwbacks from their many labels, and of course, the latest of late, including Amon Tobin’s Two Fingers revival project, “Adrian’s Rhythm” off the Six Rhythms EP.

While I can’t see how NOISIA Radio is offering listeners a wider range of music from what they typically play in a “club environment” (almost every track is “visceral”, as per their signature sound), I can however appreciate the features of this radio medium that are novel, notably, the narration from Nik, Marijn, and Thijs, which offers context for every track, including, on this episode, background for Two Fingers’ Six Rhythms release. Apparently, Tobin approached NOISIA for the contained collab, and release on Divison (DVN 023). Who would’ve otherwise known.

I’m predicting the personal nature of the NOISIA Radio broadcast will allot the show as much significance for dnb/neuro enthusiasts as FDR’s “Fireside Chats” held during the depression era, for what could feel warmer than the gods of neurofunk singing sweet history to listeners over the airwaves.

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