Ekali- Mix for Raised by Wolves

A mix most could listen to for several weeks before moving onto another flavor, Ekali’s “Ekali for Raised by Wolves”, a blend of exceptional downtempo, chill trap, or otherwise jazz infused hip-hop beats.

Ekali is a independent producer of Vancouver, who has found his way online and around the world with the help of Flow-fi and Chapel Sound. His personal blend of English and American bass influences is well deserved the attention, falling somewhere between the atmospherics of Emancipator, delectable beats of Kaytranda the strange sound design of What So Not.

“Ekali for Republic of Wolves” however, has a classic sound with old drum loops instead of more snappy percussion we hear in Ekali’s “future bass/trap”. This mix is heavy on legends Flying Lotus and Mr. Carmack as anchors for me, their heavy bass grooves holding weight for new jacks Sam Gellaitry, Aywy, and Shlomo, producers who’ve taken jazz infused breakbeats into conscious EDM.

If you’re a mixophile or in anyway new to the sultry sound of jazz breaks, head to the track listing and make some connections. In any measure, give the mix a once over before- each track is cut to an amenable 2:00 length, perfect for a sampling menu on a short mix.

Also I should mention, this mix was done as a promotional endeavor for Canadian outfitters Raised by Wolves.

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